The need for more research on the cultivation of arts, as a means of lifelong education and a field of collective action and personal development, led in 2019 to the establishment of "Thoi", civil non-profit company, with the aim of spreading the love for the theater and performing arts in areas where artistic activities and infrastructure are negligible. The company seeks co-operation with other non-profit organizations, the participation of young residents of the wider area, the coexistence of amateurs and professionals and the dialogue between residents and guest artists.

So far, “Thoi”, has co-operated with the following:

The international channel M2M (Made to Measure), the Monemvasia Film Club, the legal entity of Social Protection and Solidarity, Culture and Sports, of Monemvasia Municipality, the translator Konstantina Tyrovola, the actor Chrysanthi Kotsafti, the graphics design company Xmxgraphics company (Michelangelo Bevilacqua), the Copyright Protection Company SOPE, local carpenters and amateur actors. 

About 50% of these co-operations have been done for a fee, while the remaining 50% is a voluntary offer. More than 500 people have participated and attended the company's actions and activities.